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The company’s criminal practice (domestic and international) includes representing clients in criminal investigations and prosecutions. The company’s expertise in this area covers all stages of criminal cases, from preliminary investigations to proceedings and appeals. Our attorneys handle a variety of commercial and defense offenses and provide legal, rules, and regulatory advice.

We represent our stakeholders in various financial crimes and other related cases, such as fraudulent organizations, fraud, misuse of trust (financial exploitation), and bribery.

We help our participants investigate internal violations or violations of the rules, and provide legal advice and solutions. We represent our clients prior to use with judges such as intellectual property, police, prosecutors, attorney, and Interpol.

Car accidents and injuries

When driving, you run into problems like distracted drivers and poor road conditions. Whether your accident is the result of an uncontrolled driver, a distracted or drunk driver, a cell phone user, or any other crime, involvement in an accident due to the negligence of another driver must be included in the lawsuit plan.

We can help you recover compensation and reduce costs that result from medical expenses, lost salaries, insurance, criminal claims, and more.

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