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Family Matters

Family Matters


Inheritance is the practice of transferring property, property rights, debts, rights and obligations to someone’s legal heir, either by will or in accordance with the applicable inheritance law.

We have a full inheritance legacy transfer service starting on the day of death until the person receives a letter of inheritance from a private court. Our team of experts provides a full range of services to heirs, beneficiaries or beneficiaries (they may be) for the complete management of real estate. UAE (resident or non-resident) only to advise or assist in any particular aspect of the succession of property.

Will And Probate

will has been defined as a legal document or a declaration indicating the will of a person. A certified copy of the will, certified by the seal of the competent court, together with the grant of administration of the estate, which the executor / executor of the will calls “Probate”. Typically, during a trial, witnesses are asked to appear in court to testify about the authenticity of the will.

In the UAE, every adult, regardless of their circumstances, religion or nationality, must complete certain documents for planning life and property. These documents tell others about your wishes in the event of your death or disability. Since death and disability often come unexpectedly, it’s important to be on time and make timely decisions. We help you plan your resources and benefit from a team of professionals in little time and money.

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