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Maritime And Shipping

Maritime And Shipping

Over the past decades, we have gained extensive and excellent experience in the field of maritime law.

The law of the maritime governs trade and shipping by sea or other navigable waters.

It covers a wide range of issues such as the development of legislation at the national and international levels; customs and excise regulations; fishing industry; human rights and labor issues, which usually involve staff; ensuring case; insurance claims; Property damage; the consequences of the secret ship; pollution; lesions; sinking ships and garbage; piracy; containers and passenger ships.

In addition, many travel contracts provide for the resolution of disputes in different countries in court or arbitration. Through our international offices, we are able to provide quick and cost-effective advice when a dispute arises and when it arrives.

We give you professional and practical advice to know where you are. Most disputes can be settled amicably in court. If this is the best solution, we’ll let you know. However, if it makes sense to make a decision, we can provide you with all the guidance you need to make a decision or a successful decision.

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