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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

In a constantly changing and evolving legal situation, many want all clients involved in this sector to know the legislation, especially how to protect themselves mainly in real estate and construction contracts. Time is wasted. This is one of the more complex types of contracts in the legal profession and the real estate/construction teams are well trained and qualified to write and review these contracts. As clients, we have several major national and international real estate and construction associations.

Our services cover major design tasks, including infrastructure and business development. We discuss and advise on some of the biggest projects in the UAE from pre-bid to completion. We generally offer advice on major retail, recreational, residential, and office projects.

In accordance with FIDIC rules, we assist clients in all aspects of operational details and contracting processes on a variety of issues involving employers, contractors and consultants, step in and provide the necessary face-to-face reviews. An expression that exists between the participants and the operation of the site that we provide to our customers.

We provide immersive experiences that allow our services to be delivered on time and with value-added services. where they are needed specifically to meet the ongoing needs of our customers’ continuous development activities.

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