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Dr. Sami Mansour

Dr. Sami Mansour



LL.D in Civil Law from Lebanese University since 1977


–    Judge since 1973;
–    President of the higher court of justice and institute of judicial studies in Beirut;
–    Lecturer of Private International Law, Civil, Business and Arbitration;
–    Lecturer of International Business Transactions;
–    Member of the higher banking board for Anti-Money Laundering of the Central Bank.

He is recognized by the Lebanese government, GCC and MENA as a leading law lecturer.


Civil Contract since 1987

Private International Law since 1994

Law search methodology since 1998

He is also the author of many articles and essays on Real rights, Medical Liability, Franchise Contracts, Experts’ Liability, Family Law, Human Rights, Justice and Future Challenges, Vision of International Arbitration, Legal Principles, Treaties and Laws, Law and Order and many others.

Languages Arabic, English, French

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